Once upon a time...

6 January
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Currently I'm on a gap year before I'm off to uni (Surrey) in September.

I've been known for my utter randomness (or randomnessnessness [because it deserves 3 'ness's]) and for being individual. I don't follow the trend, in fact, I'm rather anti-trend. I make my own path, and as long as I'm happy with myself, I don't care what other people think of me, expecially people whom I don't care about myself.

I'm a writer for fanfiction.net and I also post various pieces of creativity on deviantart. I love drawing, I think it's helped to keep me sane, and I love listening to music, I think I'm addicted to it. Speaking of addictions (insert -gasps-) I must admit that I am addicted to... RIBENA! And yes you read that correctly, I did indeed say "Ribena". I have to have it everyday otherwise I get quite moody. I drink it with my dinner as well. =P

Hah, also, in you live in or around Brighton (UK) and we have similar interests, then I'd love to talk with you. Or if you live in Denmark/are Danish, then I'd love to talk with you as well, since I'm also Danish! ^_^ Anyone from the northern parts of Denmark in Jylland? That's where my home town (Frederikshavn) is, and I come back to visit every summer. I also now work there part-time, so I come back every now and then.

Anyone going to the Gothia Cup in Gothenberg/Göteborg?! I shall be there as well, supporting my brother's team and being their team photographer. If I could move to any place in Europe, it would have to be Gothenberg/Göteborg. I mean, it such a beautiful city. It's perfect. The shopping there is also lovely, as are the concerts! ;)